Hello my beloved.

There have introduced a state of emergency in our city due to heavy precipitation.( snow turning to ice) on the night of November 19-20 November. almost the entire city was left without light, water, and warm.hospitals run on generators

there are aid stations in the city with food, water, and warm. restoration work is currently underway.

communication and Internet are very bad.

Please stay safe

Love you Villi💕

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November 26

not everyone still has electricity in my city. still problems with communication and Internet. they say that the connection will be restored by Saturday.

 Love you my sweet


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November 30

The most of the city and gave light and water. now fix breakdowns on neighboring Islands. there people sit without light for 10 days.

the Internet is very bad. the service center said that they will fix it at the beginning of this week 

*I'm working in make up, and when internet will be work i will send invoices about correct adrss 

* I will send invoices when internet will be work.

Please stay safe

Live you, Villi❤️

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