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Random Eyes - glass

makeup by Villi tunes

Preorder period from January 23 to February 28 - 2015

Sending in august 2015.
Sending regular mail free of charge (no EMC)
Sending EMC Pay - in comments to the order, specify the EMC.


Height : 10,5 cm
Circumference of head : about 13cm
Circumference of chest : 7.5 cm
Length of arm (shoulder to wrist) : 3 cm
Circumference of waist : 7 cm
Circumference of hip : 11 cm
Eyes size : 8 mm

Useful information:
1. Bunny Vivi presented as a master model
2. Will obe on factory fantasy doll in China.
3. A limited number of

color white 0 pcs
color light pink 0 pcs

How to pay paypal

1 . You order a doll.

2 . Specify the contact information and email (very important!)

3. Then I send you request for payment to paypal. 

4. And doll is yours.

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