5 reasons to love aliens.

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Дата: 21.10.2021
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Рубрика: kimiko
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Greetings to you, Earthling!

Thank you for being interested in the topic of extraterrestrial civilizations. My name is Kimikoro Kimiro Ming - But you can call me Kimiko.

Arriving on your blue planet, people seemed to me very funny - with their two hands. How can people keep up with everything? for example, how you hold a cup of imonom. You play the flute and view the techjed. This is at least 4 hands .

Funny two-armed. I love you!




 I will tell you about our civilization. and also tell you why you   should love us. My planet is located in the remote galaxy   UDFj-  39546284 under the constellation pKRN00003.

 It's far from your planet.

 We learned about you from the magazine - Hands and Limbs   and what we can do with them - an excellent magazine, not   counting the fact that it is published on 9000 pages.

 There was a footnote in the magazine about your planet that   there may be individuals with two hands. And as soon as there   is a tour to your planet, here we are.

Why are strangers worthy of your love- or if not love, then exactly sympathy.

1 - good guests
We came to visit you, which means we brought gifts with us. 6 hands can hold more goodies.
2 - WE are COMPACT
despite our multihandedness. we can be with you everywhere. on the train in the plane. in a place where people exchange information - this is the best place!
3 - good listeners
You don't like that people can't always talk to you because they don't have time. We have plenty of time and we can listen and keep all your earthly secrets.
4 -  Hug properly!
This is what we can do. Thanks to 6 hands- you will always be in a safe and cozy embrace wherever you are. What could be better - ahh ( sighs )
5 - Help in the earthly economy do.
you need to milk a cow ? cook soup ? pet the dog? bake a pie ? wash the floor ? write an essay on apples ? - Aliens can. And what if I say that it will take the alien 3 times less time ? - sounds great, right?!

And these are just 5 reasons that, it seems to me, should convince you of Sympathy for aliens.

I'll get back to you - I hope you have your reasons to love aliens. Isn't there a truth?


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