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Amanda Fleming 06.10.2022, 19:20
Hello. I am still waiting for my Bunnycorn Lamoon. Order number. 1021549. I have e-mailed you. Can you please respond back? Thank-you
Aileen Mayfield 17.07.2022, 02:34
Hi Villi! I pre-ordered a Minami way back when you had the pre-orders open. Here is my order number: 903134

All my invoices have been paid, I still have the PayPal receipts. I was wondering when she would be shipped out since I have yet to receive an email about the doll since my last payment. I have been checking my spam email just in case too. I know there might still be some shipping problems since I am in the United States. My address has also changed so I can update that for you when you need it. Thank you for your time and help. I still adore the Lamoon I bought from you long ago. Thank you for your art!
Burgandy 25.04.2022, 07:29
I never got to finish making my payments due to the PayPal situation! What should I do?!
RinSetsua 20.04.2022, 04:41
Thank you for the communication. ^_^
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