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Update Jan 2022

Great day my amazing apples(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)💕

First of all, I want to say a big thank you for your patience and for allowing me to recover after the operation.

at the moment, the holidays in my country are over.

I am happy to continue the newsletter.

In the near future, I will again send requests about the correctness of the address.

* all my sweety apples will got DOLLY!!!

 I wish to you Amazing day🌷


 Love. Villi . . . (❤️▽❤️)✌️ 

and hugs and love and kisses ! 

Update FEB 2022 - sending date for FEBRUARY - WOHOOOO!!! 🌸

HAVE AMAZING DAY !!! to you my apple !!! hope you fell great!!!

The shipping dates are for February.

7  - feb - monday - 

14  - feb - monday - 

21  - feb - monday - 

28  - feb - monday - 

If you have not received a request for the correct address.

This means that I am working on your order or you are next in line!

thank you so much for being so wonderful!

a lot of love and kises!!!

villi(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)💕

Update from may 

Another countrys, without changing! Sending are working!

🇦🇺About sending to Australia 🇦🇺

I have sent some dolls in frb and feb march, and .... And what was surprised that my manager, send email to me, about:

Hello Villi, package from Australia cant be ship for now, please got your package and post office.


Oh! 😓


I also called in mail service ( it works everyday) and yes do not accept package yo Australia for now, but they working to solve this problem.


So sorry guys for this😭❤️🇦🇺

I so so confused about it, i will try to check another mail service 🤔 what if this will works.


Please stay safe❤️



Ingrid G. 28.04.2022, 14:57
I am also still waiting for the lamoon and Mimi I ordered in October 2020. I also have not received any emails about address confirmation. I’ve also sent DMs over instagram!
mariana 01.03.2022, 17:47
hi, villi!

I still have not received any emails from you :c

I have sent you a DM on instagram a while ago and you said you were working on my doll, but I have not received any new informations and no emails to confirm my adress so far...
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